Full stack of AI powered machine vision solutions

A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Vaisto’s software solutions combined with advanced camera and imaging technology, enables machine vision solutions for solving quality assurance, identification, goods flow monitoring, etc.

Machine vision 1

Object Detection

Machine vision can be used to observe changes or deviations. With AI you gain powerful and flexible solutions for quality control and situational awareness, or just plain simple data collection.

Machine vision 2

Object Tracking

Tracking performed by machine vision and AI produces information about moving objects, helping collect data, detecting deviations or potential problems in production or processes.

Machine vision 3

Multi-Sensor Fusion

Combining multiple sensors makes often times perfect sense as there is no one perfect sensor. Sensor fusion with AI, provides for flexible and accurate machine vision solutions.

Machine vision 4

Synthetic Datasets

Accurate machine learning models require a vast amount data. Producing and accumulating large datasets is often complex, expensive and time-consuming. Vaisto’s synthetic dataset solution helps in automating this saving time and money.

Machine vision 5