Vaisto Velocity

Vaisto Velocity IoT platform
– IoT without fuzz

Vaisto Velocity IoT platform is a packaged and fully featured IoT platform that aims to make a difference by being understandable, affordable, and quick to deploy.

Vaisto Velocity 1
Connect & collect

Real-time device monitoring and data collection are a key enabler further leveraging IoT. Allow operations to be fine-tuned and optimised anywhere.

Vaisto Velocity 2
Analyse and understand

Real-time data combined with history data creates opportunities for deeper understanding of the business and corrective actions to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Vaisto Velocity 3
Fleet & asset management and monitoring

Track usage patterns and minimise interruptions to solve complex vehicle- and driver-related challenges. Maximising availability and minimise down-time.

Vaisto Velocity 4
Control and predict

Deeper understanding of your business. Broaden possibilities for system level automation. Gain insights and accelerate decision-making.

Solution architecture

Vaisto Velocity 5