Contact Vaisto

Visiting address:
Hermiankatu 6-8 L
33720 Tampere, Finland

Business ID: 2833939-9

Electronic invoicing instructions

Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy – Itella (E204503)
Electronic invoice address: 003728339399
Electronic Data Interchange ID (EDI): 003728339399

If you are not able to send electronic invoices, our email scanning address is:

If you can only send paper invoices, we ask you to send them to:
Vaisto Solutions Oy (OpusCapita Scanning Service)
PL 36016

For the scanning service to recognise your invoice, the invoice address is to be printed on the actual invoice, not only the envelope.

Vaisto Solutions

Hermiankatu 6-8 L
33720 Tampere, Finland

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