Why Yet Another IoT Platform?


Information is power, but only if you know how to collect and use it. An IoT platform plays a key role in the collection of information, i.e. data, and its further processing into a usable format.

For example, monitoring the utilization rate of production machinery, identifying maintenance needs and performing proactive maintenance are things that can be accomplished by collecting and analyzing data. You could think of an IoT platform as a kind of gold pan for separating valuable information for further processing and presentation to the management.

Why, then, did we here at Vaisto decide to make a gold pan of our own even though there are already plenty of options on the market?

Growing need for light IoT solutions

The need for an IoT platform that is lighter than others on the market came to light already during Vaisto’s first customer discussion. The industrial SME sector needed a platform that stood out clearly from the competition, one that was cost-effective and agile yet customizable for various applications.

This customer discussion gave us the idea of making the Vaisto Velocity IoT platform a completely unique solution that would specifically meet the needs of the SME sector. There are all kinds of IoT platforms out there, but Vaisto Velocity is precisely tailored to identified practical challenges. With the target group in mind, we designed the platform to be a low-threshold solution that is fast and affordable to implement. Instead of large one-time investments, we wanted to make it possible for customers to proceed cautiously, in small steps.

On the other hand, we also wanted to make further development of the IoT platform as easy as possible for all parties, which is why Vaisto Velocity is based on open, proven, scalable and secure technology. Not only is the source code open, but the pricing is also transparent, so the Vaisto Velocity IoT platform will remain affordable even after the pilot period.

Thanks to the automated functionalities integrated into the platform, it is relatively fast to customize Vaisto Velocity to the customer’s needs, and a pilot project can be set up in a couple of weeks.

What sets Vaisto Velocity apart from other IoT platforms?

Vaisto Velocity offers the same basic functionalities as the larger IoT platforms. Encrypted data transfer, scaling, connection, data conversion and integration with other systems can be done without too much hassle. What’s more, Vaisto Velocity allows local installation when you don’t want to transfer data outside the target environment. This feature often becomes handy when operating in the peripheral and blind areas of network connections, where 100% functionality cannot be guaranteed.

Usually, the simplest IoT platforms do not support in-depth analytics development, meaning that they do not allow data to be processed all that thoroughly. Vaisto Velocity offers complete tools for data analysis and reporting. For instance, thanks to the platform a figure depicting the overall efficiency of production machinery can be combined and shaped into a column, pie chart, graph or other diagram based on the preferences of the party requiring the data. Data structuring and enrichment also make machine learning possible.

Furthermore, Vaisto Velocity also allows remote software updates in situations where it is difficult to access the production machinery. For example, the IoT platform will make it easy to regularly update systems such as forestry machines used in remote areas.

If you are interested in an easy and affordable IoT platform that is fast to deploy, contact us and we will tell you more about why Vaisto Velocity is just right for you.

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