Industrial AI and analytics

For us, artificial intelligence is a tool to solve practical problems and variety of industrial challenges.

Vaisto’s AI solutions

Vaisto’s expertise covers multiple aspects of artificial intelligence, focusing especially on industrial problems, ranging from data collection to machine learning models and AI based applications.

We use our own solution accelerators in our design work, speeding up the introduction of artificial intelligence. Solutions are built according to customers’ specific needs and integrated into their systems.

Full stack in machine vision

Vaisto’s machine vision solutions focusing specifically on quality assurance, identification, monitoring of goods flow and security applications.

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Data analytics

MLOps supports the use of data analytics and cooperation of other development teams, and speeds up model development and implementation by means of monitoring, validation, automation and model management.

Optimization of industrial processes with data analytics and machine learning is based on monitoring the machine’s status and on visualized analytics and predictions.

Proactive maintenance

Machine vision solutions support equipment management and proactive maintenance. Data collection and analysis utilizes advanced 2D and 3D cameras.


Control models, digital twins, operating cycle simulations based on machine learning.

Interpretation and utilization of data from machines for decision-making – automated analytics, visualizations and suggestions for decisions.