Industrial IoT Solutions

Industrial IoT Solutions

We provide IoT solutions that are simple, understandable and quick to deploy. We help you connect, collect, visualize, analyze and automate. 

Our industrial IoT solutions are based on open, proven and scalable technologies and are easily deployed in both greenfield and brownfield scenarios. A few examples of typical use-case scenarios:  

  • Connect & collect: Real-time device monitoring and data collection are a key enabler further leveraging IoT.
  • Analyse and understand: Opportunities for deeper understanding of the business and broadens potential for early corrective actions to increase productivity and reduce costs.

  • Fleet & asset management and monitoring: Track usage patterns and minimise interruptions. Maximising availability and minimise down-time. 
  • Control and predict: Broaden possibilities for system level automation. Gain insights and accelerate decision-making.

Our IoT solutions comprise of two approaches

  • Velocity IoT platform - a packaged and fully featured IoT platform that aims to make a difference by being understandable, affordable, and quick to deploy.
  • Custom IoT solutions - tailor-made solutions made to order based on your specific needs.  

Velocity IoT platform

  • IoT without fuzz: Simple, understandable, and affordable, quick to deploy. 
  • Flexible, scalable and customisable: Based on open, proven and scalable technologies. 
  • Running in cloud & on-premise. Customisable and actively developed. Easily deployed in both brownfield and greenfield scenarios.
  • Integrate into workflows: Update and synchronise data between enterprise apps. 
  • Analyse, understand and share: Easy access to powerful analytics, visualising and sharing information across the organisation. 
  • Fault-tolerant, robust and secure: Resilient and cohesive solution components ensuring industrial strength end-to-end security, no single-point-of-failure.

Licencing models: Various models are available, contact for more information.

Custom IoT solutions

  • We also develop and deliver fully customised IoT solutions based on our customers’ needs. 
  • Whenever feasible, we leverage our packaged solutions to step up the speed and efficiency of the development, thus bringing you the benefits of our technology investments. 

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We focus on select industry domains to provide exceptional long-term value and insight.

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