Industrial IoT Solutions

IoT solutions are the tool to connect, collect, visualize and analyze data and
we serve IoT solutions that are simple, understandable and quick to deploy.

Our IoT solutions comprise of two approaches:


Vaisto Velocity IoT platform

a packaged and fully featured IoT platform that aims to make a difference by being understandable, affordable, and quick to deploy.
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Vaisto Custom

Vaisto Custom IoT solutions

tailor-made solutions made to order based on your specific needs.
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All of our industrial IoT solutions are based on open, proven and scalable technologies and are easily deployed in both greenfield and brownfield scenarios.


From the blog

Why yet another IoT platform?

Information is power, but only if you know how to collect and use it. An IoT platform plays a key role in the collection of information, i.e. data, and its further processing into a usable format. For example, monitoring the utilization rate of production machinery, identifying maintenance needs and performing proactive maintenance are things that […]

List of my favorite security concepts for machine learning deployment

Validated machine learning models and related predictions and actionable information are the very gold nuggets for any business. The models must be kept safe and accessed in a robustly secure manner.

The Way of Vaisto

Vaisto was founded based on a dream to make machines smarter. Today, we are a team of highly skilled forward-thinkers who collaborate with companies specialising in smart connected vehicles and industrial automation.

Vaisto Solutions

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